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Are there gaps in your child's learning?

If children struggle with Maths, it is likely that there are gaps in their learning.

Everything in Maths builds on everything else. If you have gaps at the early levels and try to learn more things, you just get more and more confused. This often leads to a fear of Maths or a feeling of 'I can't do it!'

Of course, it is the school's job to teach your child. But there is a lot you can do to help at home. Here's how...

The Learning Wall

You start with the Learning Wall.

Your child takes a series of online tests, and the wall is filled with coloured bricks to show which skills are secure and which are not.

Then there are links to practical and tablet activities specially designed to fill the specific gaps that your child has.

Try it now!

To help your child, there are the Wise Owls, each responsible for a different level of the wall.

For you, there are detailed explanations about each activity and the skills it is designed to teach.

This will be an adventure you embark on together. There will be lots of talking and thinking and investigating, and you will get a real insight into your child's learning.

And, with characters, medals and jewels to collect, it is also great fun!

Ready to go?

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Have fun!

Rob Porteous

PS If you want help at any point, I am just an email away and always happy to assist.

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