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Wise Owl Maths...

Why Maths Investigations?

To be successful with Maths, children need:
practical experience of number,
regular practice or core skills
and encouragement to investigate, explore, and keep asking "why?"

This is what the Maths Investigations tablet activities are all about!

Learning Wall

A good place to begin is the Learning Wall.

This is where your children see what Maths they are secure with already and where the holes are in their learning.

If you know where your holes are, then you can fill them!

The Wise Owls

Once your children have decided what to learn, they sign up with imaginary teachers to help them.

Each owl helps with a different area and level of learning.


Many of the activities have an investigation.

These are for children to work through with each other, on their own, or with a parent or teacher.

They help you explore new ideas step by step.

Quizzes and Stars

At the end of many of the investigations you do a quiz to check your learning.

A star reward system ensures that learning is transferred from short to long term memory.

Characters and Medals

As you work through the activities you earn points. These allow you to collect characters.

Medals are awarded as you reach significant targets. This is great for motivation!


The best learning comes if you take time to use practical equipment and to think and talk together about your learning.

If you do this regularly, you are rewarded with special jewels to collect.

Tournaments and Eggs

When you think you have learned everything an owl has to teach you, you can try the tournament.

This gives a selection of questions from all the activities in the owl.

If you get full marks then you win eggs.

Logins and App

If you would like to learn more you can sign up for a free trial below.

Then just set up a web shortcut (see video) and make sure each child has their own login (easy to do) and you are good to go!


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