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Maths Investigations
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How Many Each and Altogether?
  How many frogs in each pond? How many ponds? How many frogs altogether?

WORK BIG to get to grips with the key language you need to understand problems with words in them. Extend into the ideas of multiplication and division and how they link together.

Ages 6 - 10
Teacher's notes and prompt cards. (pdf)

 GBP £0.40
How Many Fingers?
  I wonder how many fingers we have here?
Just 10?
But you have ten, Jamie has ten, Sophie has ten...

A lively and engaging talking investigation exploring counting in 10s and 20s beyond 100.

Ages 6 - 10
Teacher's notes and pupil record sheets. (pdf)

 GBP £0.60
Multiplication Rectangles and Factor Rainbows
  An engaging investigation into multiplication and the concept of factors.

Investigate which numbers have few factors and which have lots. Explore square numbers and look at the ‘specialness’ of the numbers used for measuring time and angle – 12, 24, 60 and 360.

Ages 7 - 12
6 pages of teacher's notes and 7 pupil copymasters. (pdf)

 GBP £1.90
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