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Maths Investigations
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Constructing Shapes
  Constructing shapes with compasses is always great fun because you get pretty patterns. But this investigation goes well beyond regular activities with pupils being given an open-ended challenge to create as many different types of shape as possible using a pair of compasses and a straight edge.

You first learn how to construct an equilateral triangle, how to bisect a line to make a right angle and how to bisect an angle. Armed with these three simple techniques see what other shapes you can create. Square, rectangle, kite, rhombus, trapezium, parallelogram, hexagon and octagon are all possible!

Ages 9 - 13
1 page of teachers notes and 5 pupil copymasters. (pdf)

 GBP £1.00
How many different kinds of triangle are there?
  How many different kinds of triangle are there? Can you have a triangle with two obtuse angles?

These and other questions are all explored in this practical investigation using geostrips (or something similar).

By the end of the investigation you should be able to identify right-angled, acute-angled and obtuse-angled triangles and know what it means for a triangle to be equilateral, isoceles or scalene.

Ages 8 - 12
3 pages of teachers notes and 7 pupil copymasters. (pdf)

 GBP £1.00
Perimeter and Area of Triangles and Quadrilaterals
  You may be able to calculate the perimeters and areas of a rectangle and a triangle, but can you explain why the formulas work?

Build on this to explore other quadrilaterals: rhombus, kite, trapezium and parallelogram.

Ages 9 - 13
3 pages of teachers notes and 5 pupil copymasters. (pdf)

 GBP £0.80
Properties of Quadrilaterals
  Find out why a square is a special kind of rectangle but a rectangle is not a special kind of square!

Explore the differences rhombuses and parallelograms, kites and trapeziums.

Investigate questions like 'Is there a quadrilateral with three acute angles?'

A practical approach using construction material such as geostrips.

Ages 9 - 13
3 pages of teachers notes and 7 pupil copymasters. (pdf)

 GBP £1.00
Pythagoras Puzzle
  Have fun making this simple puzzle which very beautifully illustrates Pythagoras' Theorem that the sum of the squares on two sides of a right-angled triangle = the square on the third side.

Make and solve the puzzle and then through measuring areas discover Pythagoras' Theorem.

Ages 8 - 15
1 page of teachers notes and 3 pupil copymasters. (pdf)

 GBP £0.40
The Egyptian Triangle
  Discover the special triangle that the Egyptians used in their buildings, while learning about how simple decimals work, the importance of accurate measuring and how to work systematically to solve a problem.
Ages 7 - 9
3 pages of teachers' notes and 1 pupil copymaster. (pdf)

 GBP £0.60
The Great 2D Shape Investigation
  An umbrella investigation stimulating a wide variety of explorations into 2-D shapes. Depending on the lines of enquiry that develop, you can then use material from related investigations such as Properties of quadrilaterals, Constructing polygons, Angles in Polygons etc.
Ages 9 - 13
2 pages of teachers notes and 7 pupil copymasters. (pdf)

 GBP £0.90
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