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Maths Investigations
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  An investigation into flight times for an aeroplane between different places. Covers map scales, averages, conversion tables and speeds.
Ages 8 - 12
2 pages of teacher's notes and 9 pupil copymasters. (pdf)

 GBP £1.20
How big is the room?
  How do you introduce decimals to young children? This practical investigation works a treat, and also gives you the opportunity to discuss accuracy in measuring, averages and perimeter!
Ages 7 - 10
5 pages of teacher's notes and 2 pupil sheets. (pdf)

 GBP £0.70
How far is it round the world?
  Create a table relating distances on a globe to distances in real life and then use this to calculate distances between places around the world. Covers concepts in measurement, averaging to minimise errors and the use of conversion tables.
Ages 8 - 12
3 pages of teachers' notes and 7 pupil copymasters. (pdf)

 GBP £1.00
How Many Hula Hoops?
  How many hula hoops (the small, crunchy variety!) would it take to stretch from the school to Big Ben in London?

Investigate metres, converting to km, using conversion tables and working with BIG numbers!

Highly motivating!

Ages 7 - 10
7 pages of teachers notes and 3 pupil copymasters. (pdf)

 GBP £1.00
How much snow would fill the classroom?
  Estimate distances, work with volume of cuboids, convert metric volumes - cm3 - litre - m3, measure with metre sticks, minimise sources of error, average using the median, draw diagrams, round numbers and find out about significant figures. Wow!
Ages 10 - 12
5 pages of teacher's notes and 5 pupil sheets. (pdf)

 GBP £1.00
How tall is that building?
  An outdoor team challenge to estimate the height of a building, either by counting bricks, using shadows or using similar triangles. Covers skills in estimating, measuring, minimising errors and ratio.
Ages 9 - 13
4 pages of teachers' notes and 4 pupil copymasters. (pdf)

 GBP £0.80
Maps and Scales
  Find real life distances from measured distances on a map. Learn practical measurement skills for straight or curved distances. Practise estimating, finding averages and using conversion tables to work out real distances from the map scale. Easily adaptable to suit pupils of different ages and differing levels of ability.
Ages 8 - 12
2 pages of teachers' notes and 7 pupil copymasters. (pdf)

 GBP £0.90
Shadow Clocks
  Investigate how the length and direction of a shadow change during the course of a day. Learn about compass directions, symmetry, practical measurement using a metre stick, time (am/pm) and use of a table to display results.
Ages 8 - 12
3 pages of teachers' notes and 5 pupil copymasters. (pdf)

 GBP £0.80
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