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Maths Investigations - Learning is Awesome!

Encourage your children to investigate and to take time to think & talk about Maths, and they will come to understand it. Make it fun, and they will love it!

The activities and guidance on this web site will help you to do both...

Here's what the kids say...

I think that maths investigations is amazing and everybody should be on it

It's so interesting to see that a teacher could make such an awesome website and I would like to make something like this. I really enjoy playing and learning on this website.

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Activities for Tablets - Children eager to learn maths, in school or at home!

If you want a supplementary Maths programme for home and school learning, with differentiated practical activities that both encourage thinking & investigation and consolidate core skills, take a look at our tablet-based learning programme for early number skills development. Children love it, teachers love it and parents love it!

Here's why...

The children's materials are colourful and captivating - so much so that the kids are clamouring to use them before and after school and at weekends as well as during lessons!

The differentiated programme makes it easy for teachers to give targeted skills practice to less confident children while allowing more capable pupils to stretch and challenge themselves.

There is full guidance for parents so that you can reinforce learning at home.

Driving it all is a passionate belief that, if children are given the scope to explore and investigate numbers within a carefully structured framework, they will come to love Maths and really understand how it works.

Welcome to Maths Investigations!

If you'd like to bring Maths alive in your school, or get your children enthused at home, you can sign up for a full years access here.

More about the online activities


Photocopiable Activities

If it's printable activities you want, read on! You can use these to get your children thinking, talking and asking questions in a way that will really bring Maths alive for them. Here are some examples to get you enthused.

Take a topic and see how much Maths you can get out of it.

Hook them with one idea.


Where would you have to cut to chop a metre stick into an equal number of pieces?

Four is easy. Five? What about six? Learn more....

Other ideas...
How many hula hoops?
Perimeter and Area of Triangles & Quadrilaterals

Get your least confident children investigating.

Investigating is not just something for children who find Maths easy.

Every child explores the world by investigating from the day it is born. So every child can explore Maths too. It's just about confidence.

Get them started early! Here's a beautiful investigation to help with learning how to add single digits onto two-digit numbers: Number chains and digit wheels

Other ideas...
How many fingers?
How many each and altogether?

Welcome to Maths Investigations!

Photocopiable investigations that will give you ideas to get your children asking the 'What if?' and the 'Why?' questions that really drive mathematical understanding.

Tablet activities that are self-differentiating and self-marking, so that the children can explore new concepts at their own level and get instant feedback as to whether they are right or wrong.

A family account will cost you just £15. Prices for schools start at £30 (£15 if you only want the photocopiable activities). The subscription gives you full access to everything for a whole year, and is renewed annually.

Click on the blue button to sign up now...

"The [photocopiable] activities are challenging and lesson plans well structured. I feel they have breathed new life into my lessons!" Year 5 co-ordinator, Woodnewton School

"I like the fact that [online] Maths Investigations is unique and different from any other maths site. You have your own goals to work towards which makes you try harder." (L - age 11)


More about the Online Activities

Teacher Guide - with videos

Parent Guide - with videos

Photocopiable activities

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Who uses Maths Investigations?

Use of the activities is growing steadily by word of mouth.

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"I think it is an excellent website and perfect for children!" (C - age 9)

Maths Investigations - Challenging Children to Think about Maths